Everyday Usability 9 – Elevator interface usability

Everyday Usability 9 – Elevator interface usability

Recently I went to work very tired. This tiredness nearly made me accidentally press an alarm button in the elevator interface.

I had to use an elevator with very slow closing doors. Naturally, I wanted to speed up the process and tried to press the dedicated button to close the doors. My finger already touched the surface of the button when I realized it had the wrong colour. I look closer and saw that I nearly touched the “call service” button. Fortunately recognized the mistake in time.  Quickly I moved my finger to the correct button and the doors finally closed.

In this particular elevator interface, the button “call service” is positioned between the buttons “close door” and “open door” (sketch below). All three buttons are very close together. Thinking about all the half-asleep employees starting their day, I wonder how many accidentally calls the service team receives at one day.

Elevator interface usability: the "call service" icon placed between the icosn "open doors" and "close doors"
The icon “call service” placed between the icons “open doors” and “close doors”
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